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Mania Review: Black Butler II Episode #02


For someone like me with no connection to the first series, this isn't a bad introduction to Ciel and Sebastian where I actually get to know them a little. The supporting cast shows up here and there as well but by and large it's about the butler and his master along with the fiancee who gets into trouble easily and is very self-centered. It's a very different episode from the first one and I'll easily admit coming away disappointed since to me that's what I thought the show was going to be about, but I'm curious to see what they intend to do with the show and whether it'll be more of this kind of story or something different. I still like the general idea and the cast works well enough, but they haven't given me enough to make me come back as a new viewer after this episode.

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Hitman07694465d ago

Thinking about watching this one now.