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'Costume play' restaurants arrive on West Coast

At the Magnetic Cafe in Richmond, young waitresses in quirky guises eagerly serve up Taiwanese bubble tea and signature dishes such as crispy fried chicken nuggets or pancakes with green onions. Depending on the week, the waitresses could be French maids, policewomen, sailors or schoolgirls.

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tplarkin74460d ago

Arlington Heights, IL has very diverse restaurants. There's always room for a new one!

Aikuchi4459d ago

I am kinda surprised there aren't more of these in Cafes in the States. Especially since Anime a Manga has become successful in the States in the last 20 years.

Archaic4459d ago (Edited 4459d ago )

Successful it may be, but I don't think it's concentrated enough around any one small area needed to support a store such a this. Having said that, a travelling one that set up shop at every anime convention it could manage to go to would do well.

Aikuchi4457d ago

Now thats a million dollar idea.