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minori Willing to Work With Fansubbers

Visual novel game development studio minori has formally announced that it is presently negotiating with English language fan translation group No Name Losers (NNL) about the possibility of an authorized English language release of its “ef” series of visual novel games.

Minori initially formally requested that NNL cease unauthorized translation and possible public distribution of the ef series games, then suggested its willingness to discuss legally authorizing NNL to produce and distribute English translations of minori produced PC games.

Few people know what this may lead to, if anything, but this is, at least, a positive sign of willingness to communicate and collaborate between the Japanese production industry and the English language fan community.

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SynGamer4460d ago

What they need to do is release the subtitled version in North America along side the Japanese releases. Proper subtitles (fansubs are good, but some can be off a bit) would be great until we can get a dubbed version (or see if it's worth while).

rezznik4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

Only problem is that not a lot of Japanese companies are willing to invest in their own proper English translation/subbing team; as many of them are extremely resource strapped. You have to keep in mind that these games were designed for a Japanese-speaking audience and often have less than ten people working on a given project at a time.

Now, if MangaGamer or JAST could get their licensing properties and start subbing them as they're being worked on that's a different story...but we all know that will never happen.

Archaic4458d ago

I can see why people would call for a dubbed copy of an anime, but to ask for a dubbed copy of these games would really push their prices beyond the level where they'd expect to sell in any numbers to their already limited outside-of-Japan markets. Not to mention that with a game where you have to click through every line, you've got plenty of time to read the text anyway.

Still, if this pans out, maybe we'll see this group eventually evolve into a digital download site ala GamersGate or Direct2Drive for these kinds of games. Would set a nice precedent for scanlators trying to go legit in the wake of recent events as well.