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Bandai Entertainment Officially Licenses Turn A Gundam, Tales of the Abyss and Kannagi

At 12:00am, July 23, Bandai Entertainment officially announced that it would be localizing the anime Turn A Gundam in North America. Turn A Gundam is considered to be the very best series in the franchise by many fans, and is notable for a number of reasons: Turn A Gundam was last Gundam project to be helmed by Gundam-creator, Tomino Yoshiyuki; it boasts high-caliber musical score, courtesy of Yoko Kanno; and it features the unique mecha designs of the American artist, Syd Mead.

Simultaneous with the announcement of Turn A Gundam, Bandai Entertainment also announced plans to localize the Tales of the Abyss anime and the manga serialization of Kannagi. No release dates have yet been announced, but additional information is expected at

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Xof4521d ago

...And that makes me sad.

Archaic4521d ago

I'm a fan of some Gundam series, but not all of them. I tend to prefer the UC stuff to all the alternative timeline things. Though I have been meaning to get around to seeing Turn A a some point, seeing as CC is supposed to be set in the future of the UC timeline rather than a alternate timeline.

Xof4521d ago

I don't think anyone is a fan of ALL of it. There's just too much.

Turn A was made for Gundam's 20th Anniversary (so exactly 10 years ago) and was designed to wrap up all gundam, not just UC. So, basically, it incorporates elements of UC Gundam, Gundam Wing, G Gundam and Gundam X. It was meant to "end" the franchise.

In terms of continuity, CC is not a continuation of UC, but rather incorporates all of UC along with all of the other timelines into one giant awesome whole.

Anyway, here's hoping we get a nice boxset, and not something cheap and flimsy. I'd rather see something like the Code Geass R1 releases than, say, the 00 releases.