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Soulja Boy Tells Em about Anime

Japanator: "First, it was Kanye West who used famed anime artist Takashi Murakami for his 'Good Morning' video, and now it seems more rap artists are coming out with their love for anime. The latest, is Soulja Boy Tell Em, who takes his love for anime to his twitter account, which has stated his love for various anime including Death Note, Afro Samurai, and Cowboy Bebop."

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jwalkerz4454d ago

yooooouuuuu would had be great in this song

john master lee4453d ago

So bad, it's good. Nah... it's still... bad.

Reibooi4452d ago

my god i hate this steaming pile of a human being.

He can't get the attention he wants from being a ass in the gaming community now so he decides to go piss off the anime community? Seriously what a pile of crap. He has no talent(not in singing and sure as hell not in gaming) and he probably has no idea what anime even is.

He was caught ripping off a song from the Death Note soundtrack not to long ago and when people called him out over it he said he was a big fan of the show. I highly doubt that. He probably had never even heard of it. Now he seems to be running with the anime fan thing and is finding a whole new crowd to piss off with his retarded crap.

Natsu X FairyTail4452d ago

Man , you dont know what u talkin about. Souljaboy have countless times in the past expressed his love for anime . You probably havent seen the video of him Playing gundam games in japan. You really talk greasy but dont even know what you're talking about and Souljaboy got many good songs You just dont like his stuff so you dont search for it. So saying he doenst have talent is your opinion. Lameass