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Tales Cosplay of the Week: Rita Mordio

Tales Union writes: "Yesterday in this week's installment of the Staff Blog, we mentioned that we would be starting to roll out the new content schedule here at Tales Union. For those who frequent Final Fantasy Union, one of the many Unions here at Gaming Union, you may be aware of their latest addition to Tuesdays --- Cosplay of the Week.

After the rampant success of the section over there, we've decided to start it over here on Tales Union as well. For those who are unaware, cosplay is an interesting trade but one that has become well associated with the comic, anime and video gaming industry. Every year there are plenty of events where friends and strangers alike get together to dress up and parade around as their favourite characters. However, it's no simple task to recreate those costumes and this weekly feature aims to appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that cosplayers put into it."

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Hardedge4503d ago

Don't see enough Tales cosplay around! Nice one :)