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Mania Review - Naruto: Shippuden Episode #170


The first part of this flashback adventure that takes us to the time before the Chunin exams reminded me why I dropped the manga during this period. At this stage of his life and with the stories they wanted to tell, I simply do not like Naruto. He's the kind of kid who deserves all the pain and suffering he brings on himself and he even gives a performance on a regular basis that would have me wanting to join the ranks of people who would be slapping him silly. He practically begs for a beating based on how he acts and the only people that work with him are those that are essentially forced to. Not that any of the other kids come across much better here since they are all just that, but they're kids that make you weep for the future while hoping that things somehow turn out alright.

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jwalkerz4450d ago

this episode was so boring and so was episode 171. and the fillers are going to last 4 months