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Voice Actress Pisses Off Otaku

Voice actress Aya Hirano doesn't seem to want to be a voice actress anymore. The 22-year-old is trying to make the leap to mainstream celebrity and ticking off her rabid fan-base in the process.

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jwalkerz4442d ago

hopefully she doesnt end up like yunho from tvxq. an obssesive fangirl try to kill yunho

Noctis Aftermath4441d ago

Good for her, otaku don't own her, if anything they should support her moving on to better things.

Reibooi4440d ago

Yeah that will never happen. The insanity of the Japanese Otaku is probably one of the things that fueled her to distance herself from that crowd by trying to move into TV. I mean she has already gotten a ton of death threats over this and it's quite sad really. One of the worst things about the Otaku of Japan is they treat the Voice actresses like objects and they need to live up to some impossible image of purity that no person can ever live up to and when their illusion is shattered they go nuts and in some rare cases get violent.

It's just sad. I wish Aya nothing but the best. She is personally one of my favorite seiyuu and I hope her TV career pans out.

Archaic4438d ago

Honestly, I don't think this will actually impact Aya's anime career all that much. While Japan has a lot of very obsessive and vocal otaku, the proportion of obsessive otaku to "regular" otaku is actually fairly similar to what you see overseas. It just looks bigger because...well, it is. Not in a proportion sense, but in a numbers sense.

Really now...given that the Japanese hate the idea of replacing voice actors for roles unless they die....she's got an ongoing role in Nurarihyon no Mago currently, will reprise her role as Kaoru in the second season of Zettai Karen Children when that airs (and likely a 3rd season when they eventually get to a high school arc and beyond), and will be needed to reprise Haruhi when that eventually gets a 3rd seasons in however many year's time (when all this is a distant memory). While all series have rabid otaku fans, they also have wider appreciation amongst the non-hardcore otaku as well. She'll continue to have a place in anime for a long time, even if she's not as active in it as she once was.