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Mania Review - Naruto: Shippuden Vol. #12 DVD


While the arc ends in what you could call a stalemate since nothing was resolved, it was a key arc because it brought the two young men back into contact with each other after several years apart. Both have trained and worked hard to achieve their goals and Sasuke's goals are now laid out clearly in front of Naruto. It may be hard for him to truly grasp the why of it, but the reality is there and the extra motivation he needs to become stronger himself is now available. There's a really nice bit of recap for the arc included here at the end, a recap done right and brief, while setting up where the show will go from here. There's a lot to like with this arc and even if it seemed a touch long at times, it helped that it was kept small in the size of the cast and that it got Sasuke's position in this series cemented for some time to come. Definitely a good bit of closure for things while leaving more than enough open for the future.

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