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Media Blasters Delays Numerous Releases - Again

Media Blasters has sent out a new bit of information this afternoon that deals with... delays. After going through some warehouse changes in the last month, it isn't too much of a surprise to see a number of titles adjusted. Curiously, their Kitty Media titles by and larger are getting delayed and re-scheduled while the mainstream titles are getting mostly an indefinite delay. For those who have been following Kanokon and Queen's Blade, this is definitely an extra kick in the guy considering the delays so far and it's hard to see how Media Blasters will be able to keep fans interest in these titles with these kinds of repeated delays. Some of the Kitty Media titles were solicited late last year and are now being delayed almost upwards of a year. Twin Dolls, in fact, was scheduled for release today and is only now known to not be arriving.

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