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Mania Review: Uraboku Episode #19

Though it's another episode full of background material for characters that I'm not sure we need to spend the time caring about, it's pretty well done even if predictable for the most part. Kuroto and Senshiro are an interesting pair to begin with and understanding what they went through to get to the point that they're at now is nicely played out. The introduction of Cadenza through it is rather welcome since he's the kind of stylish villain I hope for from a series like this, but his screen time here is too short and too wonderful. Uraboku is still in that awkward stage for me where I think it's trying to bring in more than it should and isn't able to really execute it well, leaving us with far too many introductions and relationships to juggle to the point where the ones we care about, we don't really care or even see all that much of anymore. With luck, the final arc will be full of angst and action though to close the show out on a decent note.

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