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Mania Review: One Piece Episode #462

The scale of what's happening here isn't fully clear yet, though when someone like Tsuru says that there's no safe place anywhere in the sea from what's coming, you know that it's set to potentially change everything. The mixture of individuals involved, especially with the Warlords in seeing who will get active in it, is a lot of fun since we've seen this build towards this kind of moment for quite some time. The Admirals are almost all itching for a fight, the Whitebeard pirates are as eager as can be to defend one of their own and Luffy and his crew are inching closer towards the headquarters. The show is building slowly towards the epic level of what's involved here, almost too slow in some ways, but past experience has shown that once it gets into gear it can get even more intense than you thought. With this being just the tip of the iceberg, I'm cautiously optimistic to seeing a whole lot of payoff here and this is a decent of mildly underwhelming start.

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