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Acclaimed Anime Director, Satoshi Kon, Passes Away

Nerd Reactor: Satoshi Kon passed away yesterday at a too-early-to-go age of 47. Jim Vowles of confirmed it with Mr Maruyama at Madhouse. The madhouse team is very sad about this news, and so are many others.

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Reibooi4416d ago

This is sad. This story isn't gonna pass because of 1 report that isn't even valid. Seriously this man was a visionary and people need to know about his death. Retract that report the original source is a forum and your not supposed to link to that so it doesn't matter Otakon was the original source.

Kon was easily one of my favorite directors of all time in any medium. I remember the first time I saw Perfect Blue I was blown away. It's sad that most of his movies are now out of print in the US. The only one I know of still in print is Paprika. The others such as Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress and Tokyo Godfathers are much harder to find.

I would highly suggest those who have not seen any of these movies to go out and find them any way you can. They are incredible works of art and it's sad to think that Kon's incredible career has been cut so tragically short.

dgroundwater4415d ago (Edited 4415d ago )

I will have to see them now. The trailers for his films always seem cool.

SpikeSpiegel4415d ago

Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent, and Paprika are some of my favorite anime. While Satoshi Kon didnt leave an extensive collection to remember him by, I will appreciate what he did.

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