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Ghost in the Shell Standalone Features Arrive on Blu-ray in Japan

Bandai Visual Japan has finally unearthed the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex movies for individual Blu-ray sale and they're worth noting for the die hard fans that they're available with both English dubs and subs on them.

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PS3-2474414d ago

Ghost in the Shell but is it $80 for each or a whole.

Reibooi4413d ago

Personally I don't mind the 80$ price but the only movie worth buying from the Standalone Complex movies is Solid State Society. It's the only one that isn't a recap movie from something already in the series. The other 2 are just compiled from the story lines of Season 1 and 2.

On top of that Solid State Society is just a really good movie. It holds up to the original Ghost in the Shell movies that Mamoru Oshii did. Assuming these are still in stock early next year when I have money I will probably pick up Solid State Society assuming it has not been released in the US at that point.

Nihilism4413d ago

Damn, I thought for a second they meant the 2 seasons of the show were on that would be worth $80 f-ing way are these cut down movies worth that though.

4410d ago