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What Dreams May Come: Satoshi Kon, 1963-2010. By: Korone

Korone writes: "The news of director Satoshi Kon’s passing on August 24, 2010 from pancreatic cancer blindsided me. My eyes immediately wandered up to the top of my movie shelf where I found them, all of his works. I digested his final words, published posthumously on his blog, rambling and poignant, goodbye. Kon chronicles both the pain and the business of dying and I wonder if I would prefer to know or remain ignorant of death’s proximity. After a bought with pneumonia in early July, Kon fights for a discharge from the hospital so that he might die at home and offers apologies to all those he didn’t tell about his condition. He also worries at length about the completion of his current film project known as The Dream Machine, the status of which is currently unconfirmed. Satoshi Kon ends, rather chillingly, with the words “Now excuse me, I have to go (before you).”"

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