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Fan made Naruto live action film to debut later this year

Japanator: In a very interesting piece of news, a filmmaker by the name of Chris Cowan and his crew (Thousand Pounds Fight Team) have created an Anime inspired, live action short film that, get this, ...isn't terrible! In fact, it looks downright intriguing. Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto series has inspired this group of creative minds to try their hand at filming a live action fight scene straight from the Naruto universe. What will be the specific battle showdown, you ask? Well, it will be between The Leaf's Naruto Uzamaki (of course!) and Rock Lee

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jwalkerz4404d ago

the trailer was so boring. it didnt show anything. but this is naruto so its going to be good!

NoBias4403d ago

It's a teaser though. Not a trailer. It's not supposed to show much besides who's going to be in the film and a taste of what the cinematography style will be like.

4403d ago
hazelamy4402d ago

looks like slow motion tai chi.
still i'm interested in seeing what the full version's like.