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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2: Six-Tail Naruto Confirmed Playable

A new scan from Shonen Jump confirms Six-Tailed Naruto as a playable character.

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jwalkerz4457d ago

looks like it will be only playable during the final battle with pain in storymode

tayz4457d ago

i think its a transformation. it's fighting against Sasuke in that scan?

crxss4456d ago

the transformations are going to be confusing in this game. we all know that in the beginning naruto transforms to the 4 tails, that's obvious with the current gameplay we're seeing. and there's probably going to be a naruto that transforms into sage naruto, and maybe a 6 tails one? or will sage naruto transform into the 6 tails? i know that all the transformations will be individual characters (like in storm 1) but who transforms into who?? maybe a 2 staged transformation? naruto transforms into sage and then can further transform into the 6 tails? can't wait till the game comes out!