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Does Full Metal Alchemist Deserve a Sequel?

Nicholas Ward - Associated Content "I realize that not everyone liked Full Metal Alchemist, but for as many that didn't like it there where many who did. Full Metal Alchemist was an interesting anime series that revolved around the world of alchemy and the two boys who lost parts of themselves trying to bring their mother back."

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jwalkerz4394d ago

yeah they should do a sequel to fullmetal alchemist conqueror of shamballa and finish its plot but they wont because they are too busy with fullmetal alcahemist brotherhood

crxss4393d ago

read the FMA manga they just came out with. Ed gets reuinted with Al. and it's Elric not Elrick... what an author.

jwalkerz4393d ago

the arthur is talking about the first full metal alchemist anime

romalias24393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

Are you saying that brotherhood and shambala are different? I had begun watching brotherhood once but it felt like re-runs... now I'm confused time to go check it out lol.

oooh ... Apparently Brotherhood is just a new adaptation of the original series... Hence the reason it felt like a rerun. Well according to the Wiki plot synapses anyway. The first half of the series parallels the original series. Now I want to watch it to see just where it differs...

jwalkerz4393d ago

the first episode of brotherhood 1-10 are seems like reruns, after that it's follow the true manga story.

romalias24393d ago

Interesting well I'll be watching them all tonight then, to see how the story changed. I watched some of the early episodes and couldn't see any difference, so I lost interest. I thought it was like a star wars remake, you know same old story with some kind of enhanced graphics :P

romalias24393d ago

I'm up to episode 9 now, and it all still feels so much like deja vu.

The sun god episodes where cut down and placed into a single episode rather then two, but the outcome seems very similar and too familiar.

Looking forward to seeing how they end brotherhood though. Maybe it has a more settling finale then Full Metal did.

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