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Anime Evo: Panty & Stocking 01 (First Look)

Anime Evo: With a name like “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt”, how can you not atleast TRY this series out? Though the name of the first episode kinda has you wanting to do an IMMEDIATE 180 degree turn and walk out the door.

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TheColbertinator3844d ago

lol 970 degrees and no comments XD

dgroundwater3843d ago

This site is a ghost town judging by the comments. Yet it's now at 1070 haha!

lilmetal3844d ago

I'm gonna check out the first few episodes.
Been on my radar for some time now.
Seems interesting.

HavenOfFear3844d ago

Yeah I just read "Panty" and clicked.

VandimionX3842d ago

Seems a bit too quirky for my tastes, but it being from Gainax I think I'll give it a shot...animation looks pretty well-done for the style they chose.