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Will the Supernatural anime outshine the show?

“Supernatural” has been around for several years now, quickly becoming one of The CW’s best shows, despite the networks insistence on devoting more time and money to garbage like “Gossip Girl” and its equally trashy siblings. However, thanks to the upcoming anime project, the Winchester Brothers may find their usual suspects ditching their “old dude in a suit” disguises to show off their true monstrous appearances.

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bastiartadi4376d ago

Hopefully it does, I'm already getting bored with Supernatural the series.

Sweety85874376d ago

i agree, season 6 seems to be dragging a little for me. though i think thats cause i wanted it to end at season 5, i wasnt keen on the idea of season 6 to begin with :\ here's to hoping that the anime will revive some of our interest

chickenbutt4374d ago

I hope it's good. Probably won't watch it, but I love Supernatural and might consider watching it later on.