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Media Blasters Launches Anime DVD/Blu-ray Kiosks

The North American anime company Media Blasters has announced on Thursday that it is launching a series of home video rental kiosks branded with its Rareflix online store logo and featuring primarily anime DVDs and Blu-ray Disc releases. Users can rent television series and films, in their original packaging, for US$1 to US$2. If the users want to keep their rentals instead of returning it, they can then purchase the rented discs outright on Media Blasters' website.

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tplarkin74362d ago

There may be a market for them, but I stream everything now.

Tratious4362d ago

I like Streaming rental movies, but not owning any Digital stuff.
I much prefer discs because they offer a better picture, and lossless or PCM audio.

I already lost some money on a Digital game I bought, and can't use because the activation server doesn't exist anymore.
Digital is not for me, unless I am renting something.

pinkyxyz4362d ago

for the simple fact that having everything in one source is incredibly efficient and less space/time consuming.