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FUNimation Unveils January Anime Plans With Sacred Blacksmith, Gantz And More

Mania: FUNimation has unveiled the initial tentative information for their January release plans and it's another fairly slim month for the company, at least so far, especially as there are no listed SAVE or Viridian collections to help fill things out. What we do get is the first entry in a "Classic Line" with Gantz, which should ride a bit of popularity if the new live action movies fare well and people want to check that out.

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Xof4361d ago

Still bringing over mediocre anime, funi? There's a reason the anime bubble burst................

Hellsingberserk4360d ago

Black butler is pretty good. Sacred Blacksmith and Phantom look pretty good. I have not check them out yet, but mostly my friend told me they are good..