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Haruhi Film, K-ON!!, Miku Win Anime Kobe Awards

The judging committee of the 15th Animation Kobe Awards has announced this year's award winners on Friday. The awards are among the most prestigious industry accolades in Japanese animation and media.

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setsuken4364d ago

Its good to hear that Haruhi is back in the awesome. After that horrible Endless Eight crap... God.

Xof4361d ago

And I've never really understood why Haruhi was so popular. The funniest thing it ever spawned, to me, was that awesome Haruhi/DBZ crossover pic. That was great.

Honestly, I find K-ON much funnier. Though, in general, the quality of pure-comedy or slice-of-life style shows seems to have diminished dramatically in the past year or two.