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West meets east in the new Iron Man anime

Back when Iron Man first hit the scene, the world barely even knew what an “anime” was. The entertainment industry has changed since then, and kids these days know Pokemon and Naruto just as well as the Iron marvel. So how do you reach out to this new audience? By giving good ol’ Tony Stark some eastern influences in his own anime.

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domo3254429d ago

Woah, based on the screen caps, it looks pretty sweet! Would definitely keep my eye on an actual trailer and see how it runs.

LMAO at the Japanese version of Spiderman. And they made him have a frikkin' zord!!!??? Insanity.

redboy4428d ago (Edited 4428d ago )

Very cool. Cant wait to see how an optic will look!!

poison_shadow4428d ago

Agh... I hate it when crappy CGI is mixed in with traditional animation. Still, assuming it gets released here with an english dub, I suppose I could watch this to give it a shot.

BannedForNineYears4428d ago

Haha, I saw parts of this anime on JTV.
Seems pretty cool beans.

4428d ago
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