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Anime Evo: The World God Only Knows 04 Review

Anime Evo: This week, Keima’s attention is turned to – no, not another real girl, but a digital girl. A girl named Sora to be exact. Yes, Keima has once again become sucked into yet another dating sim, but hey! He’s the self-proclaimed god of dating sims, isn’t he? At first glance, it seems to be like any other dating sim he’s played in the past: cute girl who is artistic, he gains her trust and she shows him a portrait she drew of him. Of course, Keima is completely engrossed in the game starting the moment he wakes up and despite Elsie and his mother’s greetings, he ignores them. His mother then asks Elsie to make sure that he doesn’t get hit by a car or anything else on his way to school.

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