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New York Times Manga Best Seller List, October 24-30

ANN writes: "The New York Times newspaper has listed the manga bestsellers in the United States for the week ending on October 30."

Negima #28
Naruto #49
Black Butler #3
Soul Eater #4
xxxHOLiC #16
Pandora Hearts #3
Hetalia #1
Nightschool #4
Black Bird #6
Haruhi #7

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CrescentFang4338d ago

That Negima was still selling well, especially in America. I remember the mangaka saying that the harem romance genre was dying, but his manga is one of the top sellers lol. Though it is fun to read these comedy harem manga once in a while, its pretty relaxing :)

SynGamer4337d ago

I haven't read Negima, or many others on the list. I have read *some* Soul Eater and found it funny, but it's your typical 'boy gets nose-bleed when he sees boobs' type of manga/anime. I've grown quite tired of those types of characters...

I picked up Hetalia a couple of days ago. The anime was hilarious and aside from some slight homo-erotic tendencies, the manga is equally good.

I have Pandora Hearts sitting around that I've been meaning to give a read, perhaps I'll tackle that sometime this week.