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Squid Girl Episode #06 Anime Review | writes: "In Summary:

Squid Girl's attitude is what proves to be the most fun here when she gets all self assured and tries to dominate situations. From taking over the hero show to being a math wiz that can teach Eiko, she places herself on a pedestal with ease. Even when it's not something she's responsible for, she does so, such as when Nagisa meets a lifeguard that saves her and Squid Girl plays up the role of the one who caused it all to happen. It's a conflicting situation since she wants to be feared as an invader, yet she finds herself enjoying these mild and simple moments. She's enjoying the small conquering she believes she's done but hates that it's getting so comfortable. Her child-like outbursts are still amusing, but they're starting to get to that point where they're not quite as cute anymore, which isn't a surprise at the halfway mark here."

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