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Yumeiro Pâtissière Professional Episode #07 Anime Review | writes: "In Summary:

Our journey through the Sweets Kingdom comes to an end with a trip to the Egg Home. It's not just the place where eggs that go into everything from rice omelets to fine cakes come from. It is also a very special place for Sweets Spirits, for it is here where couples who wish to have a child come as well to ask the Egg God to bless them with an egg of their own, one that will become a Sweets Spirit. Then comes the final exam, where Kasshi shows that despite his gruff and annoying exterior, there is a sappy core that loves his mommy. This is definitely an episode heavy on the sentimentality, where you afterward are meant to think of your own parents and the love that you have for them. At least we're not knee deep in retail sales management."

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