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Anime Evo: Otome Youkai Zakuro 07 Review

Anime Evo: Once again, we’re taking a break from spirit destroying for some much needed comedic relief, courtesy of Amegaki. We start this week off with Amegaki playing with Sakura and Zakuro watching him (do I see a bit of longing in her eyes?) and Susukihotaru bringing sweet buns from the market to share with everyone. After a small insult to Zakuro delivered by Amegaki about how she makes other spirits look cute and innocent by comparison, Zakuro storms off only to realize she never snagged a sweet bun. As she rounds the corner, she sees Mistuogi (one of the raccoon women for those of you who don’t remember) with a young woman in traditional clothing who looks very dejected. Curious, Zakuro asks what the girl is doing there and Mitsuogi tells her that she’s looking for “the blond one.” As luck would have it, Amegaki rounds the corner – likely in search of Zakuro to apologize – and is jumped by the young woman as she shouts “young master Kei!”

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