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Daily Video: Fan-Made Grendizer Arch Enemy

ANN writes: "The Italian studio C4DTeam, working in collaboration with the UFO Robot Project, has posted the latest in a series of fan videos they started creating for the 30th anniversary of UFO Robo Grendizer's 1978 Italian release on Thursday. Go Nagai's Grendizer was first released in Japan in 1975 and is considered a continuation of the Mazinger universe.

The Grendizer robot appeared in the United States as part of the Shogun Warriors line of toys. The television anime series was later broadcast as part of the Force Five giant robot cartoon line-up, but only 26 of 74 episodes were aired. Although the series never enjoyed significant popularity in the United States, Grendizer was and remains extremely popular in France, French speaking Canada (Quebec), Italy, and many other countries."

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