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Tokyo Butler Café to Start Butler's Express Train Tour

ANN writes: "Swallowtail, a butler café in Tokyo, began offering tickets for a "Butler's Express" train service in collaboration with the Kinki Nippon Tourist agency on Monday. The one-day trip on the seven-car train will feature lunch and afternoon tea with about 20 butlers on December 19. Even though the train can hold 400 passengers, only a maximum of 200 will be accepted. There must be a minimum of 150 applicants who each pay 18,900 yen (about US$225) for the tour package to go forward as planned.

Swallowtail is located in the part of Tokyo's Ikebukuro ward that is known as "Otome Road" ("Maiden Road") for the many stores and services that cater to female otaku. The Seibu Railway system had already launched a "Maid Train" service this year."

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