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Cee Lo Green gets a Japanese translation for 'F*ck You!'

Japanator: "From the night it first went online during late summer, Cee Lo Green's soulful song "F*ck You!" managed to capture my heart and get me singing along. Part of that might be the fact that the initial music video was just the song's lyrics, animated via typography, something I've found appealing since Eden of the East's opening. Of course, if you only speak Japanese (but know just enough English to read this article), then it might be hard for you to convey how great the song's lyrics are to your fellow Japanese-speaking friends.

Lucky for you, then, that Mutant Frog Travelogue has found a version of the song entirely with Japanese lyrics. Well, to be more accurate, it's just the typography that's in Japanese, the song is still in English. But hey, the typography is at least half the fun. Hit the jump to sing along in Nihongo!

"Zaken nayou!""

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