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Press misses Japanese Foreign Minister's war apologies

Japanator: "The Japanese press is not the best at covering its own history-making events, it seems. Our Man in Abiko caught wind of this, and brought to light the news that the ultra-conservative Foreign Minister of Japan, Seiji Maehara, visited Australia and laid a wreath at their Tomb of the Unknown Solider,

At a press conference, Maehara said thus:

There were some 22,000 people who were prisoners of war during the Second World War. I wanted to take the opportunity to express or to demonstrate my feeling of apology towards those people by visiting the statue of Dr Dunlop. In particular, next year, a number of former POWs will be visiting Japan, and I look forward to giving them the warmest welcome that we possibly can.

As Armchair Asia points out, this is similar to the official apology in 1995, but it's a liberal re-interpretation of it, accepting more blame than ever before. Coupled with this, they're finally inviting Australian POWs to Japan as part of..."

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