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Valkyria Chronicles II is better, even if it's on the PSP

Japanator: "The Tokyo Game Show might now be a distant memory, but for many fans one its highlights would be the long-teased announcement of Valkyria Chronicles III, the third installment in the beloved franchise.

Unfortunately, some peals were delight were replaced with cries of internet rage once the game’s platform was announced. Like Valkyria Chronicles II, it would be a PlayStation Portable game. Declarations were quickly made that, also like Valkyria Chronicles II, would also be “crippled” by Sega's misguided choice of platform. It wouldn't be another "true" sequel, but the second cheap cash-in, made with no regard for the true fans who know better."

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SynGamer4378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

Great game, though I really wish they would give the team a bit more in the budget and release VC4 on the PS3, either on a disc or via PSN. I would love to see what they could do with multiplayer...