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This is the best Samus Aran cosplay you've ever seen

From Paul Gale Network: "Jenni Källberg is a 28 year old, highly talented cosplayer from Sweden (she’s half Swedish and half Japanese) and is most known for her excellent cosplay. One time she even got featured in Nintendo Power for her Samus Aran Varia Suit. Here’s a little look at her new project: The Gravity Suit."

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TekkenSmithMachine4381d ago

I just thought that the Morrigan Darkstalkers cosplay was good but this girl is unfreakinbelievable! Prolly the best cosplay ever (and not just for Samus Aran)!

Jackojwang4381d ago

She does Zelda, Samus, and Peach. I'm in HEAVEN!

TonykomatMK4380d ago

She's half Japanese, half Swedish, and all hot!

OldSchoolGamer34381d ago

This girl needs to make videos of her in the Samus suit running down halls and stuff and maybe get a friend to CG some shots coming out of her cannon, a Metroid environment, etc. I would reaaaaaally like to see that happen. :)

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