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New York Times' top ten manga for 12/06/10

Japanator: "Another week, another bestseller list from the New York Times. Who's on the list this week? The usual suspects!

1. Naruto vol. 49 - Week 9
2. Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle vol. 28 - Week 1
3. Black Butler vol. 3 - Week 5
4. Alice in the Country of Hearts vol. 5 - Week 3
5. Hetalia Axis Powers vol. 1 - Week 10
6. Bakuman vol. 2 - Week 4
7. Negima! vol. 28 - Week 5
8. D. Gray-Man vol. 19 - Week 4
9. Black Bird vol. 6 - Week 8
10. Ninja Girls vol. 4 - Week 2

Naruto and Hetalia are holding onto the list as is to be expected, but Soul Eater is gone now and a lot of titles from last week have jumped around on the list. But, Tsubasa's latest volume jumped right up near the top of the list, and it looks like Ninja Girls might not make a showing next week. Not a bad week, and I'm happy to see Bakuman still doing good as well!

My NYT bestseller list couldn't possibly be this ordinary! I'm counting on you guys to make this list more GLORIO next week, alright, guys?"

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