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Behold this amazing and truly menacing Pokemon art

From Paul Gale Network: "There’s a really talented artist by the name of Yoshio and he recently came up with this amazing piece of art depicting several creatures from the Pokemon series in a very mature style."

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halojane94376d ago

This has got to be the sickest Pokemon artwork I've ever seen! I know there was another artist that came up with a series of mature Pokemon takes but this one looks like it'd really work in an animated series.

TekkenSmithMachine4376d ago

That Pokemon Apokelypse team made a sweet live action dark movie n perhaps they have some talented people that can draw as well and do this type of animated short. Or a real animated movie like this would be just crazy.

SurfnUSA4376d ago

Not not cute at all. I miss my cuddly Pokemon from when I was little girl. Heh these are bitchin' though!

crillinFLIP3374375d ago

why does snorelax not have a face? he only has a large scary mouth... great art tho!

Jackojwang4376d ago

The article got it all's Steelix!

TekkenSmithMachine4376d ago

LOL I noticed that too. Now unless the Onyx is so twisted that he looks like a Steelix!

Barbie64girl4369d ago

All of them are good except Pikachu lol the artist ran out of steam by then prolly.

KellyKellyWWE204376d ago

Charizard looks bad....ass!

PoopyTheMac4376d ago

I like that AnimeShinbun gives artists a chance to shine and cosplayers alike. If it wasn't for this site I would be missing out on a lot of people's really good stuff simply cause I wouldn't know where to look.

TonykomatMK4376d ago

Yeah this place is the best!

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