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Tokyo Manga Ban Signed Into Law

Tokyo’s manga ban has been signed into law after passing a final vote, and is set to come into effect in 2011, with Tokyo governor Ishihara crowing that “Japan still has some common sense left after all!”

The ban already passed a committee vote, and as expected also passed a final vote on the 15th – the law stipulates that “voluntary restraints” must begun in April of 2011, with the full force of the ban to come in July.

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frjoethesecond4368d ago

Could somebody explain the real world implications?

Torunkz4368d ago

Anything that visualises child pornography including soft-core, panchira is to to be banned or changed to R18 of anything that is in the category of games, manga and anime.

If this law is comfirmed, the industry will likely to have a diesastrous impact sueing mangaka's, studios, artists etc etc.
Not only erotic content but also violence is likely to be concernd. Including Jump manga's such as One PIece, Naruto or Toloveru are likely to be in huge trouble.
Any anime related to manga are also likely to be cancelled and late night anime would also be banned under its distribution clause.

There is also some doubt as to whether Comiket will be able to be held under the new regulations. If not, it would be cancelled and removed to another prefecture seems likely. Right now, publishers are unlikely to have the guts to fight back this regulation but as a good side, the current japanese prime minsiter Naoto Kan disagrees with the regulation as seems things can change as the law was not comfirmed democratically.
As an economic point of view, millions will lose jobs.

Please do whatever to support the distruction of this regulation.
If this is going to happen there will be:

No more good anime airing
Lots of Manga sued forever
Doujinshi will be vanished
and a lot more nameles causes both in Japan and worldwide

namyrb4368d ago

So the ban (not even really a ban, but a "forced" restrictive rating) of child pornography (or something close to it) = no more good anime airing and lots of manga sued forever?

"As an economic point of view, millions will lose jobs."

I'm not really sure what to say... your claims are absolutely ridiculous. "I can't draw naked girls of questionable age... what ever will I do? There's nothing left for me... They've restricted my creativity to only be sold to mature audiences..."

Everyone will be fine.

Sweety85874368d ago

actually I dont think that they are that totally ridiculous. If an R-18 is slapped on manga or anime then that means restricted sales. If your running manga gets slapped with "harmful material" then bookshops and storeowners won't put your product on their shelves (and in one extreme case, they stopped putting the whole genre). In a nutshell, it means lesser sales for the mangaka.

Plus I dont think its too far fetched to think that perhaps the publishers will consider shifting base elsewhere WHICH would cost them tons of money and the anime industry is already not in a good place.

And i think by restricting mangaka's, this law is drawing completely ridiculous boundaries. One publishing house told one of their mangaka "no highschool uniforms, no high school settings" Well kiss good bye the shoujo genre in general :| And more than half of the shounen too I'd guess. What does that leave us? All I can think off is fantasy based stories and stuff which I'll get tired of if every mangaka is doing :\

just my two cents

Archaic4367d ago

It's a lot more involved than that. This law is going to slam a lot of series that most people would agree are objectively safe for children into that 18+ bracket. A number of Japanese lawyers (both working for the industry and independent) say it is worded such that it could be used to censor any work of fiction which contains a depiction of a crime or unlawful death or violence, which includes essentially any anime, manga and games with any kind of action content. That's regardless of if the heroes are trying to stop the crime or defeat the villians who committed it. That pretty much eliminates any major shounen manga I can think of off the top of my head, including titles such as Naruto, One Piece, and Detective Conan.

When you consider that...
a) The guy behind the bill, Ishihara Shintarō, is a published author whose works contain graphic depictions of schoolgirl gang-rape
b) His statements about his reasoning for the bill include gems like “It’s not just about children. We’ve got homosexuals casually appearing even on television. Japan has become far too untamed. I’ll go forward with [this bill] with a sense of mission in heart.” The ban’s mention of “rape and other sexual acts which violate societal norms” means any depiction of homosexuality, regardless of if there's sex or not, is going to be made illegal.
c) The bill targets only anime and manga, and specifically excludes any other media.

It's pretty clear that the bill is a load of crock. The thing is worded so vaguely (no law should include the "etc" at the end of any description) that you'd be hard to find a single anime or manga series out there right now which wouldn't get hit by this.

A user on the ANN forums ( http://www.animenewsnetwork... sums up well why the 18+ thing is problematic in itself, so I won't go into huge detail on that. Suffice to say that the way you've stated the problem really understates the problem here. The issue is, the way you're talking about it is exactly how it's going to be sold to the voters, while the industry itself knows differently.

fight4love4368d ago

i understand the child porn but child violence?
i like reading about kids killing each other. every single shonen i like has child violence in it.

tacosRcool4367d ago

That kills a lot of manga and anime

Torunkz4368d ago

Couldn't the artists just move to North America or somewhere else and then create their mangaka? XD

Archaic4367d ago

No. They'd lose the market in Japan, and that's where their real profits are coming from, not the overseas "otaku".

LostWithoutTraces4363d ago

Maybe but it'd be risky and unfortunatae for them if they'd lose that much of a market.

lil boy blue4363d ago

boy oh boy better stock up on one piece b4 it too late