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Anime and Manga releases for the week of December 20th

It is a really slow week for anime releases as FUNimation, Viz and Sentai Filmworks all release only one title. FUNimation releases the complete collection for Tenchi Muyo GXP on DVD, Viz releases Bleach box set 7 on DVD and Sentai releases Eyeshield 21 DVD collection 3.

There is much more in the way of manga releases this week with releases from Yen Press, Viz, Udon Entertainment and Dark Horse. Yen Press is plenty busy this week with releases such as Bamboo Blade GN 7, Tena on S-String GN 5, Angel Diary GN 13 and Spice and Wolf Novel 3. Viz Books also has some interesting releases with Children of the Sea GN 4, Ooku: The Inner Chambers GN 5 and 20thCentury Boys GN 12 while Udon releases Darkstalkers GN 2 and Dark Horse releases Devil GN.

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