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Chi’s Sweet Home Vol. 4 Review (’s Raymond Herrera reviews the latest volume in the Chi’s Sweet Home series from Konami Kanata from the publisher Vertical.

All-in-all Chi’s Sweet Home Vol. 4 was an entertaining read and many of the everyday life events that took place were both entertaining and pretty true to what would really happen. While this reviewer doesn’t have children he would still recommend this series as something for parents of younger readers who may want to encourage them to explore the world of manga. The only problem you may have is explaining the word “pissed” to them when it comes up in the story, only once.

The graphic novel itself isn’t very long at only 168 pages, but they are bright, full color and very well drawn. Konami’s ability to portray the character’s emotions with expressions instead of words is extremely good and it is sure to help capture the attention of younger readers while there are just enough words to keep them reading and interested. The translations are also done well and while at times they may seem a bit too cute, with words like “Pwaces”, they do fit the overall feeling of the story.

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