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Anime and Manga releases for the week of Jan 3rd, 2011

There are quite a few interesting releases this week in the anime department and it seems that there are titles from multiple companies to choose from. RightStuf’s Nozomi Entertainment releases the complete collection of Gravitation on DVD, Bandai releases part 8 of Hayate the Combat Butler on DVD, Media Blasters releases the second DVD of Queen’s Blade: The Exiled Virgin on DVD, Sentai Filmworks releases the complete collection of Koihime Muso on DVD and FUNimation drops the Tsubasa, Reservoir Chronicle OVAs collection on both DVD and Blu-ray.

Manga fans have much more series to choose from than in previous weeks as many of the publishers have picked up the pace with releases this week. Tokyopop has releases such as Aria GN 6, Chibi Vampire: Bites Official Fan Book and Hanako and the Terror of Allegory GN 3 as well as others while Viz Media releases titles such as Claymore GN 17, Dengeki Daisy GN 3 and Eyeshield 21 GN 34. Vertical releases Twin Spica GN 5 as well this week and Udon Entertainment throws out a double dose of Street Fighter with Street Fighter: The Ultimate Edition GN and Street Fighter II: The Ultimate Edition GN.

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