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Naruto Shippuden 3DS – First Scan

The first scan of Naruto on the Nintendo 3DS.

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tayz4347d ago

i hope this is not same game as the naruto games on ds and gameboy but with holograms

Archaic4347d ago

Sadly, it seems like it may very well be. From what I've heard, it's basically a 3D version of the Ninja Council games. So I'm sure it'll sell like hotcakes.

tayz4347d ago

oh well, at least the kids will get a high off this one with the 3d imaging.

Archaic4347d ago

A high in more ways than one if what we've heard about the 3DS screen and it's impact on young children from too much exposure is true.

Archaic4346d ago

Well, that's good to hear. I suppose it was just Nintendo being their usual overprotective selves when it came to possible stupid lawsuits.

tayz4346d ago

i wonder how much Nintendo paid the AOA to say that, lol. Wii's been marketed as a Fitness system, is 3DS going to be marked as a disorder-predictor?

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