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Anime Review - Kuragehime []

"In our effort to bring you guys the best possible anime news, I thought it would be great to give you a review on Kuragehime (lit trans: Jellyfish Princess). This compelling story of a jellyfish otaku and her eccentric friends had me on the edge of my chair every week. So much so I just had to add it to the Way of the Nerd Top Ten Anime of 2010 list, so enjoy!

Amamizukan is an apartment complex where no boys are allowed. The complex is home to the Amars or Nuns of Amamizukan, a group of excentric NEETS or Otaku with their own particular set of quirks who are totally against the Stylish or people who follow fashion.

Kurashita Tsukimi, an otaku girl who lives in Tokyo and wants to be an illustrator. Influenced by her late mother, she has a love for all kinds of jellyfish and is quite knowledgeable about them; she also has the wish of one day becoming a princess (although to us viewers she already is one)."

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