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Anime Evo: Freezing 01 Review [First Look]

Anime Evo: When we first saw the trailer for this show, we immediately got a Claymore-esque vibe, what with the heroic babes hacking and slashing away at each other. And God damnit, we were absolutely right.

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vngnce4335d ago

Just watched the first ten minutes and then turned it off. Starts off with a naked toon then comes back to panty butt shots and repetitive crotch shots during a fight scene. At first I was upset with Japans' Gov and thought it a foolish move for their economy putting a harness on anime production, distribution and availability. After watching this (and a few others with similar content) It is more than clear Japan's anime has been taken over by crazed pedifiles sceaming freedom of artistic expression so that they can hide behind their own self righteous perversions. Someone seriously needs to reign these people in! There was nothing entertaining about this and everything was offensive. After seeing the shocking shivitz that has come from anime this year in defiance to the Gov. ruling, I can understand why Japan, as a nation, wants nothing more to do with this out of control genre no matter what the economic costs.