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FUNimation Embraces Anime Blu-ray/DVD Combos

FUNimation is embracing something that many Hollywood studios have in the last couple of years by announcing that several of their upcoming releases that were going to be on Blu-ray and DVD at the same time will now be combo packages.

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Reibooi4331d ago

I'm very surprised at this to tell you the truth. I wouldn't think this would be a profitable way to do things. More so when it comes to an entire series as they would need to put 2 DVD's and 2 Blu-rays in the both(more for a 26 episode series)

But everything Funi has been doing has gotten them to where they are today so they probably know something we don't. If the price doesn't go up I don't mind one bit. That was my main annoyance with movies that did this is a movie that would normally be 20 bucks was like 35 because the only way you could buy it was in the combo pack. Without that to worry about I think it's a pretty good idea as long as it isn't losing them money.

rezznik4330d ago

*yawn* Wake me up when FUNimation finally brings Air or Kanon onto Blu-Ray :).

pinkyxyz4330d ago

i agree with you wholeheartedly :)