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Kampfer Complete Collection Review (’s Raymond Herrera reviews Kampfer Complete Collection, the latest release from Sentai Filmworks/Section23 Films.

“All-in-all Kampfer is a really entertaining series full of laughs that doesn’t really take itself too seriously. While the story of the Kampfers get lost a little bit compared to the various relationships between Natsuru and the girls it still manages to get everything across the way it should. At 12 episodes it is a little bit short but that can also be a good thing as it doesn’t drag on like other series may.

It kind of seems like they came up with the idea of a harem anime about a boy turning into a girl and then just tossed around ideas of how they can make it even more complicated for the poor guy. It all sounds really confusing if you haven’t seen the series but for some strange reason it works.“

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