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Naruto Shippuden Fillers End in February

The next cannon arc of the anime, the Kage Arc, will begin February 10th

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tayz4332d ago

i can't wait for this arc! it finally means we'll be closer to..


Naruto vs Sasuke! well the few minutes/seconds of face-to-face they have

Edito4331d ago

Im against fillers but cmon Naruto exceed my patience and i kinda give up on the entire anime... way boring.

raze15114331d ago

I gave up altogether as well :/

Cat4328d ago

Whew. The fillers nearly destroyed Naruto for me a couple years ago - started watching them to tide me over, but then it became so absolutely confusing separating the ridiculous filler from the real story. Plus, it's never good to be thinking, "Why does Naruto suck all of a sudden? Ohhhh....filler."

tayz4326d ago

they should give a warning to fans of which episodes are filler. like b4 an episode starts say the episode is a filler so we know when 2 not watch it.

Cat4326d ago

No joke, because usually it's just my complete "WTF just happened?" that clues me in!