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“No Anime For Foreigners Until You Wipe Out Fansubs!”

The producers of Fractale have reportedly forced Funimation to pull the English language simulcast until they completely wipe out the wicked scourge of fansubbing.

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Rainoffire4328d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

Honestly, I think this will promote it more than prevent it. The whole reason why fansubbing started in the first place was because there were many series that were never release outside of Japan. And fansub groups were the ones to bring it outside of Japan.

Now fansubbing has escalated to uncontrollable levels, with the possibility of up to 5 groups subbing the same series. Now when you take away the only legal option, it pushes people to take he illegal option.

In the past, and still may apply to now, the english version can take up to years for their release. Not many have that kind of patience, others can't even wait a week... Especially with the ease of obtaining things through the internet.

Simulcast is the a good way to keep people from downloading fansubs. And the decision to stop a simulcast is not a very wise one.

Archaic4327d ago

Agreed. Rather than pulling the simulcast, they would've done better at examining why exactly fansub groups continued to distribute copies of the series. Given that this series was licensed by Funi, I'd expect that the problem may very well be that they only had a license to stream to people in the US, which would have left all the outside US viewers with no legal option available to them.

Reibooi4327d ago

Here is the issue though. Companies like Funimation and Sentai Filmworks have done simulcasts getting the show into peoples hands in a legal way as fast as can be done and yet the fan subs persist.

It's not about wanting to see it sooner anymore. There has to be something else going on. Even more so when you consider that a ton of people will know of the legal stream and still download the fan sub instead.

There is something about the fan culture of anime and manga that makes them feel entitled and not obligated to pay or watch something in a legal way.

I mean look at what happen a few months ago when Black Butler's Manga-ka told people to stop downloading her stuff and to buy and support her work instead. The overwhelming response was "Screw you who are you to tell us to pay for something you created"

It's true that simulcasts help make people stop watching the fab subs. But it isn't solving the problem 100% when people found out about the legal stream they should have stopped fan subbing it. When something gets licensed the group that subbed it should take down there files. But they don't. And it's hurting the creators behind the shows that fans claim they love. And then they wonder why there is less coming out and less creativity.

Sweety85874327d ago

I think one of the areas when Funi kinda...failed was that they didnt properly advertise that they were gonna simulcast Fractale. They ought to have done more aggressive advertising (and maybe better quality streams)

I think that woulda gone a good way in the keeping people from resorting to fansubs.

Archaic4327d ago

There's basically four issues I see Reibooi, that are driving people to use fansubs even when a legal stream is available. For the most part, the issues most people have are to do with availability

1. The streams aren't available worldwide.
There's a lot of fans outside the US (and Canada) who currently download fansubs, and who these streams do nothing for.

2. There's poor promotion being done of the streams
Sweety is right on the money here. There's a huge segment of fans who simply don't know that these streams exist for many series.

3. Streams aren't suitable for everyone given different download speeds, etc
There's a surprising amount of people whose connections simply can't currently support streams. Those same connections can however support downloading something over the course of 12 hours or so while a person is asleep and/or at work for them to enjoy later. The same thing wouldn't really be practical for them to do with streams.

4. (Excepting Crunchyroll streams) The video quality tends to be fairly low, and/or not have selectable quality levels
A number of fansubbers put out releases with the same subs as the official stream, but higher video quality taken from Japanese TV. While Crunchyroll does have higher quality streams available, I'm given to understand that the Funi ones (which, being Australian, I can't watch myself) do not.

There is one other issue you brought up that I find interesting. You mention how people aren't removing their files when a series is licensed. In the old days, this is exactly what happened. Several sites serving as meta trackers to this day explicitly take down anything licensed. Some groups continued subbing when a series was licensed, but even these for the most part stopped distribution of their files as soon as the licensor actually released those episodes. Dattebayo is well known in particular for stopping Naruto and Bleach subs as soon as Crunchyroll made its streams available, putting up public messages in favour of legal alternatives. So it's certainly not something everyone is doing, even though a significant number of people are.

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ryan_s4327d ago

o crap now i cant buy their anime's
o well ill download them tonight

Archaic4327d ago

And this is exactly why it's so stupid for them to be removing these streams. If someone wants something, and illegal way is readily available and lacks obvious consequences....then taking away the only legal way to get something is just going to drive people into getting it illegally.

ShinFuYux4326d ago

I simply watch the bootlegged version to see if it's purchase worthy. When I saw the fansubbed version of Hajime no ippo, i instantly bought all the english dvd's.

This proves one thing: If you want something to gain you money, then make something good. Don't just create some crap and hope that the uninformed viewer will pay up for it.

wingman32x4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

It won't work. The fansubbing community is growing by the hour and little moves like these aren't going to do anything.

Plus, they can have Fractale IMO.

Cat4324d ago

This reminds me a bit of the modding community discussions in gaming - and where Runic Games/Torchlight is a good example of what is possible there, I think Archaic's mention of Dattebayo is the prime example here. Fansubbers and show producers [etc] alike need to act more like they're on the same team - they certainly share similar passions.

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