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Fractale starts streaming again tomorrow

Last Thursday, the Fractale Production Committee told FUNimation that they were stopping their simulcast of Fractale. What they wanted FUNimation to do was "eliminate all unauthorized videos of the anime on the internet, including streaming sites, file-sharing networks, and file servers." Riiiiiiiiiiight. What was more ridiculous was that European simulcasts continued as normal.

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Rainoffire4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

That was a sudden change of heart. I guess "eliminate all unauthorized videos of the anime on the internet, including streaming sites, file-sharing networks, and file servers." is near impossible to accomplish with the resources at hand. Many may even laugh at attempting this.

Even Hollywood studios have a difficult time keeping piracy in check. And they have a good amount of resources at their hands. If larger entities have such troubles like these, then I don't think FUNimation would get anywhere far.

The best I have seen from FUNimation and the like are Cease and Desist emails, that are sent out to Fansub Groups. Even then, there have been groups that outright ignore C/D emails.

Well, at least the simulcasts are back up.

Archaic4180d ago

I think perhaps Funimation hit the Fractale Production Committee with the exact same argument that's been repeated here and on other sites. That eliminating the only legal source would only encourage more people to go to illegal sources.

Rainoffire4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

Yes, that is true. And according to this Article, the European was never halted, but went on with the Simulcast. I was questioning why that was so. Well, at least everything is settled and it's great that the Simulcast is back up.

Though, I do wish that the companies doing the stream would provide higher quality streams. Anything below 720p looks horrendous or too small on my 1600x900 13.1" screen. And I can get picky on the translations done, it is either too literal or inaccurate. I understand that it is free, but if the story can't be conveyed properly, then it becomes less likely that I may buy the complete set.

I am unsure if it is available in the U.S., but subbed Anime should be on TV. I'm just tossing out ideas, as I would order and watch it on TV, at least clarity would be better. And you be more appealing, to me, than compressed video streams.

Archaic4180d ago

I imagine part of the reason that high quality streams aren't provided in greater numbers is to save on bandwidth, and to avoid complaints from people whose connections really don't suppose such high quality streams in the first place.

Agreed that there should be more subbed anime on TV. In Australia, we have a (partially government funded) network called SBS, which shows many foreign programs subtitled. Sadly, any anime they screen (along with Iron Chef) is always only shown dubbed.