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Changes in the viewing of anime

Ultimatemegax writes: "As Toonleap posted previously, there has been an issue lately with simulcasts of Fractale in the NA market being taken away by the production committee and the response from the licensor was less than productive in communicating the main problem regarding viewing currently airing anime in Japan. While there have been and will be discussions about this particular decision, I think we need to focus on the causes of this problem so future incidents like with Fractale/Funimation don’t occur again for any market, not just in North America.

As it stands currently, a show is produced by a collaboration of companies that may or may not include an animation studio. They decide on the particulars such as number of episodes, discs, music, animation studio, voice talents, merchandising, advertising, and many other decisions that impact the airing of the show. Once that is through, they contract the company to animate the show at a pitiful amount and then compensate the TV studios for timeslots late at night for it to air on TV. Then all of the various merchandise opportunities such as figures, CDs, file sets, tapestries, posters, etc are contracted to companies to produce those goods. Finally the show airs, and hopefully it succeeds in getting people to purchase the goods/discs in order to make a profit."

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